Product Care

The Team at Glam Pets really wants you to get the most out of your purchase. So please take the time to read the care instructions below.

More and more people are purchasing on the internet and therefore it is difficult to get those questions answered. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding your products, email  with your order number and email address and we will get back to you shortly.

Care for your fashion collar

  • • If the collar gets soiled, wipe over the collar with a warm well rung cloth, then dry with a lint free towel. Avoid putting the collar on a radiator or other heat sources.
  • • Gently polish with a lint free cloth any charms or pendants you may have included.
  • • It is the customers responsability for the safety of thier pets. Our collars are itended as fashion collars and not for normal daily use.
  • • Remember to always use the appropriate lead/correctional collar for dogs that pull and whilst training your dog.

Care for your fashion lead

  • • When you receive your lead it will be coiled up. To remove the coils take a dry lint free cloth and hold one end of the lead, using the cloth and starting at the top apply a little pressure whilst running the cloth down to the opposite end. Do this a few times. The lead will naturally straighten.
  • • Store your lead uncoiled if possible.
  • • Your lead has the fashion colour on both sides and will need very little cleaning. As with the collars use a warm well rung cloth and dry with a lint free towel.

Any other products please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Thanks for your purchase, please come back soon. We are expanding our product range all the time and we will be including other animals too. Checkout  for more information.